Want to go farther…faster? Scale your procurement organization with Total Procurement Solutions, LLC. Total Procurement Solutions (TPS) provides expertise, processes and tools that get tangible results for your organization. Working with TPS translates into knowledge for your team, too.




What We Do

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When it comes to procurement, many organizations struggle to tie all aspects of this crucial process together. TPS creates synergy within your organizations’ procurement process and amongst its people and players. Gain strength and velocity in applying an unmatched set of lean tools, robust expertise and combined experience when you work with Total Procurement Solutions.

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TPS develops and implements regional and global procurement and supply chain strategies, systems and solutions for customers and clients around the world. We achieve success by applying our strong background –  in global sourcing, supplier development, supplier quality (process controls / capability), contract negotiations and finance with Lean practices and tools – to the challenges faced by your business. Our tools and process competencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Global Sourcing
  • Sourcing Process and Standard Work
  • Spend Analytics
  • Market Analysis of Cost Drivers and Negotiation Levers
  • Electronic Request for Quotes, Information, Auctions
  • Category Management
  • Implementing Saas Solutions
  • Lean Supply Chain Implementation
  • Lean Transactional Processes
  • Transactional Process Improvements (TPI)
  • Kaizen Training, Event Management And Execution

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Serving Clients Around the Globe
Total Procurement Solutions serves clients around the globe and operates across industry sectors. How can we help you?



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